AGE is just a number it is often said, but there's a distinction to that for mature golfers.

That is to be crowned an "age shooter", which is precisely the title now accorded to Selby Golf Club player Colin Railton.

He became one of the band of players, who completed an 18-hole round on a course of 6,000 yards or more and taking he same of less shots than his age.

The 81-year-old Railton achieved the feat when he triumphed in the major competition for the club's seniors' section.

Against 39 other players encompassing an age span of more than 20 years, Railton notched 40 points - acheived with only 80 shots - to win on count-back from 'youngster' Tony Steen, a former club captain, who is only in his sixties.

Railton, whose handicap was reduced from 15 to 14 after lifting the Seniors' Championship trophy, said: "It's ironic but scoring lower than one’s age is one of the few things that become easier to achieve with age provided one can remain healthy and retain a reasonable standard of golf.

"Playing at Selby GC has made this possible for me. As an 81-year-old with two artificial hips, the easy walking, well-maintained course allows me to play regularly without too much physical stress.

"To have achieved my ambition of beating my age was made all the more pleasurable as it occurred in a competition where the trophy is named in recognition of the 25 years of administration of the seniors' s by my good friend and club stalwart, Jack England.”

Railton, centre, receives the trophy from club captain, John Bowness with Jack England, in whose honour the trophy is named