NORTON’S Brian Jordan got 2013 off to the best possible start, winning the first York midweek match of the year at Raker Lakes last Wednesday with 15lb 14oz.

Fishing caster on the 11-metre pole at peg 10 on the Horseshoe Lake, he snared a chub of 1lb 8oz plus a good helping of smaller skimmers.

Anglers World rod Tony Stephenson also employed the pole and caster at peg 22 and took runners-up place with 11lb 14oz of silver fish.

Carp have been in a tight shoal in front of peg 43 at Rosedale Fishery for several weeks now, making it a banker for anyone to draw in matches.

Paul Cresswell was the lucky recipient of the peg in Sunday’s Tri-Star AC match and made no mistakes, putting a hefty 63lb 2oz on the scales.

Utilising the groundbait feeder with either maggot or corn for bait, he netted 22 fish to the 4lb mark.

Shaun Coggle was a remote second with 5lb 9oz from peg 19.

Marie McNeil was victorious in round seven of Scarborough Mere AC’s winter league in the Yacht pond on Sunday, recording a winning 9lb 5oz.

She took a brace of small carp plus several roach with pole and pinkie at peg 24 before switching to the margin with pole and pellet to tempt a 6lb carp.

Andy Ward was a close second with 9lb 1oz from peg 32.

The Contemptibles fished at Don’s pond on Friday and, with the exception of the winner, struggled to locate the carp. Tony Mellor found the shoal at peg three and plundered 10 to the 1lb 80z mark with 10-metre pole and maggot to end the day with 12lb 3oz.

Brian Hewitt sat next to the winner at peg two and had to be content with 2lb 8oz and second place.