SOCIAL media has gone into a frenzy over news KFC is bringing one of its most popular sandwiches to the UK.

The Double Down has been on sale in the US since 2010 and, from Monday, you will be able to get your hands on one here.

What is it and why the excitement?

Well, instead of a bread roll, the ‘sandwich’ is made up of two pieces of fried chicken encasing bacon, cheese and sauce.

Gazette & Herald:

The KFC Double Down PIC: KFC 

All good for chicken fans but don’t you want some sandwich with your sandwich?

The lack of carbs hasn’t put some people off with fast food fans rejoicing: “The KFC Double Down is finally coming to the UK! OH EM GEEEEEE!” and “My arteries have never been so happy!”

But the famed burger won’t be sticking around and will be available for just six weeks before disappearing off menus.

Jack Hinchliffe, innovation director at KFC UK & Ireland, said: “There’s been so much excitement for the Double Down since it first launched to the US in 2010.

“It’s sold out in every country that it’s been released in, so we’re anticipating it’ll be a sell-out success here in the UK.

“Fandom has gone wild over the past few years on social media, and we’ve even had reports of our customers taking things into their own hands by hacking the menu to create the sandwich.

“It seems people agree with us… there’s nothing better than an Original Recipe fillet, so if you can’t beat it – double it!”

What do you think – finger lickin’ good or missing an important ingredient? Let us know.