A viral post on Facebook is leaving a number of people panicking about being stalked - but it is in fact a hoax.

The post suggests there are covert "followers" on the social media site - in other words they are secretly stalking you.

It encourages people to the "block" section of settings and type in "following me".

Gazette & Herald:

A list of names then appear, which the post says are people stalking your profile.

However, this has been ousted as nothing more than scare-mongering as there is no truth in the post.

When you type something into the "search bar" on Facebook, it is going to find ANY and ALL pages, people, and/or posts with those words in them.

Tech experts at ThatsNonsense.com told Birmingham Mail: "Why Facebook would implement a feature that would allow users to see their paid stalkers or “covert followers” seems oddly counter-productive, yet this logical flaw hasn’t seemed to stop these rumours from going viral, regularly."