The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has withdrawn another eight additional products as it continues to trace the distribution of eggs from farms in the Netherlands affected by Fipronil.

These are said to be all cake mixes that are used in the catering trade.

In a statement, the FSA said "products must be removed from sale if the amount of implicated egg is more than 15 percent of the final product", and food businesses must comply with this or show that the egg ingredient used is compliant with the European Union's maximum residue level.

However, it also said it remains unlikely there is any risk to public health.

It added: "But as Fipronil is not authorised for use in food producing animals we continue to track down implicated food products and ensure that they are removed from sale where they breach the limit.

"There is no need to change how you buy or consume eggs."

As a precaution, the FSA is testing UK-laid eggs for the presence of Fipronil and all results so far have been clear.

The latest list of products withdrawn is as follows:

- Domsons carrot cake mix, lot number 17132 - 12.5kg, best before January 29, 2018

- Carrot cake mix, lot number 17134 - 12.5kg, best before April 29, 2018

- General Purpose cake mix MB*, lot number 17140 - 12.5kg, best before April 30, 2018

- Bako sponge mix mass balance, lot number 17168 - 12.5kg, best before April 1, 2018

- Bako sponge mix mass balance, lot number 17170 - 12.5kg, best before April 1, 2018

- Toffee cake mix mass balance, lot number 17222 - 12.5kg, best before April 29, 2018

- Cuisine de France mix and bake creme cake muffin 1001378, lot 17604 - 12.5kg, best before May 8, 2018

- Madeira cake mix, lot number 16761 - 12.5kg, best before April 26, 2018

Since August 10, 39 products have been withdrawn from shelves by the FSA.

Investigations are ongoing.