IF you're thinking of getting away this bank holiday weekend, Asda is helping keep costs under control by capping diesel and petrol prices.

This means that no driver will pay more than 114.7p per litre for their fuel at any Asda filling station no matter where they fill up.

According to the RAC, today until about 7pm is likely to be particularly busy as drivers who are heading off for the weekend get caught up in the normal commuting traffic.

However the busiest day overall will be Monday, with about five million cars on the roads as people either go for days out or return from a weekend away.

A recent study by Asda looking into fuel costs for UK getaways revealed that Brits could save £20 on average by filling up at the supermarket’s petrol pumps, rather than a motorway service station.

An Asda spokesperson, said: "Asda petrol and diesel will be capped at 114.7ppl this Bank Holiday weekend... Asda is the only retailer to have a national price cap in place."

To find your nearest Asda petrol station, see: storelocator.asda.com/#!/