IN reply to our Lib Dem councillor’s letter in The Gazette (June 30) regarding affordable housing in Thornton-le-Dale, I would like to point out one or two very important and financial facts far and beyond those of flooding.

Yes, of course nobody wants any form of affordable housing next door to them.

And to back this up may I point out that the residents of Aunums Close pay council tax band E for the privilege of living in a secluded close which demands premium property prices, and for that we are blessed with far reaching views south as far as Malton and west towards Pickering together with total peace and tranquillity which many of the elderly residents enjoy in their dotage. This would almost be completely broken by this development.

Would the councillor like to fight to have our council tax reduced in accordance and stand the loss in value in our properties? I would suspect not.

Has anyone considered the devastating effects on wildlife which inhabits the hedgerows and marsh land in the fields behind Aunums Close?

To suggest a solution to resolve the problem, has it not been considered that potentially a better location would be at the top end of the field in question, adjacent to the main road and close to the already existing new-build development to the rear of Castle Close?

Access could possibly be gained through the entrance adjacent to the school, therefore providing easy walking distance to the shops and school, which I am sure is a priority for the potential future occupants, causing very little or no disruption to the residents of Aunums Close, Castle Road and Westgate.

Lynn Stockdale, Thornton-le-Dale.

I CANNOT resist responding to Coun Cowan’s letter about the housing protest in Thornton-le-Dale.

She is naïve to think that flooding is the sole issue the protestors can raise regarding this development. We are only at the stage of an opening salvo.

Most of us involved with this protest have worked hard for many years in order to enjoy the privilege and pleasure of living in such a peaceful open countryside environment. We have made our effort for the economy of the country and some have even fought for their country.

We are therefore entitled to speak out when we perceive that our haven is under threat. It is a waste of time for her to raise the hoary old chestnut of NIMBYism. We make no apology for it. If she regards such speaking out as NIMBYism, then bring it on – the more the better.

We live in a democracy and there are more of us who are resisting such a development than there are who support it.

Where are the orchestrated voices of those who want it to proceed? Politicians are quite happy to abide by the democratic majority when it comes to counting votes at the ballot box. It is a pity that, once into their seat of power they so often find it convenient to ignore that majority in blind pursuit of spurious political targets.

Coun Cowan gets no sympathy for being “sick of trying” – she chose the political life.

Mr and Mrs A C James, Thornton-le-Dale