We are writing on behalf of many of the "objectors" to the withdrawn application for a Science Technology Park at Old Malton as we feel that we have been misrepresented in the media.

We are all supportive of such a development and of bringing employment and high quality jobs to the area, but not on this green field site. There are other sites available nearer to the centre of Malton, as pointed out in last week's Gazette & Herald by John Greenway MP.

Northminster accused us of basing our objections on "personal prejudice and a lack of understanding of Ryedale".

Most have not only lived here all of our lives, but have worked and contributed not only to the local economy but also the environment.

Our objections to the application were based on facts which were largely ignored by the planners. Contrary to some councillors' beliefs, there was no "extensive public consultation" on the location before the application was made to the council.

The development could increase the threat of flooding in Old Malton. All the drainage would have had to flow through the open runnel in Old Malton.

There is no other means of drainage into the River Derwent. Properties and businesses in Old Malton are already at risk of flooding, as evidenced by the Environment Agency having to use three large pumps to prevent flooding as recently as January.

The developers claimed that there were no objections to their plans from the Ryedale Drainage Board and the Environment Agency.

This is not true. We have letters from both of these organisations expressing their serious concerns about the proposal, that used phrases including "soak away drainage would be totally inappropriate", "discharge from the site be restricted to an agricultural discharge rate" and most importantly "the drain (runnel) is at capacity and could not take an increase of surface water run-off".

The additional traffic, had the site been developed, would have caused chaos at a busy and already dangerous junction.

There were no provisions for coping with a considerable increase of traffic on the single track road to Ryton and the north west. There have already been a number of accidents at the junction between Ryton Road and the junction of the A169 (Malton/Pickering road).

Contrary to one councillor's belief, the site patently did not have "excellent access on to the A64".

We are delighted that the proposal has been withdrawn by Northminster and that this good arable land in the open countryside will continue to produce food.

We hope that a suitable location will be found for both the Science and Technology Park and the Innovation Centre on one of the other existing sites already identified within the area.

Annie Jones, Sam and Annabelle Hoste, Mike and Wendy James, Derek and Connie Luck, Pat and Linda McCarthy, John Sturdy, Owen and Hilary Wetherell, Richard Wood, Dorianne Butler, Stuart James, Jim and Ann Nolan, Brian Raines, Ian and Hazel Robinson, Nikki Sey, Rob Sturdy, Pippa Westley, Celina Whalley, Old Malton.

...You asked what we thought of the news that Northminster are pulling out of their Business and Technology Park project near Eden Camp.

Relief, I would have thought. Relief that a company who didn't even realise that such a massive, contentious project would obviously have to go to public inquiry are no longer involved.

Relief that this same company, after promising to lavish millions on the project, back out because they now admit that they can't even afford an appeal.

Relief that the gateway to northern Ryedale will not be marked by a decaying, half-finished white elephant in years to come. And relief that there are still some in both our local and national governments who recognise the difference between growth and greed.

Eden Blyth, Wrelton