MAY I answer some of Richard Young’s questions regarding Malton livestock market.

Firstly, may I apologise to him for not having a much more intensive advertising campaign in the run-up to the public meeting of May 17, held at the Malton Rugby Club. This was attended by more than 250 people with standing room only.

I organised two consecutive weeks advertisements in this paper, also in the Whitby and Driffield papers.

In connection with the money spent on part of the infrastructure at Eden Camp, may I suggest you ask Ryedale District Council and or the developers’ agent and representative – Charles Vyvyan of CDP Marshalls of Leeds for a breakdown of the total sum.

The livestock market is still based on its existing site in Malton and is open for business. We are working with the site landlord (Fitzwilliam Malton Estate) to ensure the continuation of trading up to relocating to the new market at Eden Camp once that is ready for use.

With regards to your comments on the signage at the new roundabout, it would appear they have been put up a little prematurely. In one sense it is a positive advert as to where the new market will be located. I cannot comment on the graffiti artist, some people find life to be easier concentrating on the negatives – some prefer to be proactive and concentrate on the positive facts. May I let you decide which.

To sum up. The livestock market is trading in Malton, thanks to the continuing support of farmers and the Fitzwilliam, Malton Estate.

Money raised to date to build the new livestock market is £1.25 million. The total build cost of the new market is £2 million. Leaving £750,000 still to raise.

Pledge forms are available from me or the market office for potential shareholders to complete. May I offer you and everyone this opportunity to help retain the only livestock market in Ryedale for the future prosperity of Malton and the surrounding area.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07798 627815 or email or the market office on 01653 602815 to discuss any points or questions you may have regarding the livestock market.

Pat Foxton, chairman, Malton and Ryedale Farmers Livestock Market Company Limited

Right to parade

WITH your help I wish to make my following complaint public. As veterans of the Korean War, we are fully aware that we are the forgotten veterans.

Once again we have had our noses rubbed in the dust by our own Royal British Legion as we have only been allocated 20 places to parade at the Remembrance Parade in Whitehall.

It seems they don’t think we should have the right to parade and pay our respects to our fallen comrades.

I would like to make the following comparison and hope that it is not taken in the wrong context, as many more lives were lost in the Imjin River Battle than in the 13 years in Afghanistan.

No matter what war or campaign, lost lives are a very bitter pill to swallow, especially to those who have lost loved ones.

It is hoped the public will respond to my complaint and put pen to paper with their thought and observations.

Ken Keld, Cayton

National disgrace

I REFER to the Government decision to place the A303 going past Stonehenge into a tunnel at a cost upwards of £1.6 billion to preserve the peace and tranquillity of the historic site.

For this money the A64 could be duelled all the way from York to Scarborough.

The peace, tranquillity and health of thousands of people would have benefited on a daily basis as villages along the route were bypassed.

It is no surprise Scarborough is in the top 10 UK towns for bankruptcy with the current chronic transport links it suffers.

What a shame the councils along the route haven’t got English Heritage fighting their corner.

The A64 issue is a national disgrace and politicians should hang their heads in shame, over the lack of investment in it.

Andrew Suter, Ampleforth

Where were NYCC?

FRACKING work has now started in Kirby Misperton and many people deserve sincere thanks for keeping villagers informed.

Third Energy put much effort in an open evening in the village hall. The police held a question and answer session.

Another evening saw many agencies pay a visit such as the district council and the Environment Agency.

What was the glaring exception? The North Yorkshire County Council, of course, the people who gave permission for work to go ahead.

In fairness, the pro-fracking councillors who voted to disrupt village life don’t live in the area, so I suppose it was a bit far to travel.

Peter Winter, Kirby Misperton