IN reply to the comments made in Des Reed’s column last week by GB Newton regarding women in the Church.

Historically we now know Jesus had just as many women disciples as men. What about the recently-translated document where Jesus states “and my wife I will take as my disciple”.

The early translations of Christianity (now available to all) tell a whole different story to the one today’s churches teach.

There is a big difference between the rules of the Church and the wishes of God. In the eyes of God we are all equal. It is the Church that causes division.

Even today there are so many kinds of Christians who find it hard to tolerate each other’s slight differences.

Thank goodness we are all starting to wake up to a New Age.

I am not a Christian, having learnt so much about the origins I feel it is so manipulated by man, and bears little resemblance to what was originally taught.

Wishing peace, love and tolerance, and respect in dealing with adversity.