AS 2012 has drawn to a close we can take a moment to reflect on a year gone by.

It has been an amazing year in many ways. The country embraced and enjoyed the success of the Olympics and we all took part in the biggest party ever. Yes, we were all invited to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and amazing events occurred all over Ryedale. I think this year in particular the Great certainly was put firmly back on the map for Great Britain! We’ve also, along with the highs, had to endure the lows of the austerity measures and cope with the cuts that have been inflicted on us and we are all enduring the tightening of our belts.

My concerns about the austerity measures are for the elderly, vulnerable and young people in Ryedale who cannot find jobs. Let’s hope 2013 will be better. However, announcements from central government are soon to be made about the 2013 budgets. Ryedale District Council will have budget constraints along with our NHS, and while dealing with the cuts we must ensure we keep our vital services going.

Health and education must continue to be a priority. We all must work hard together to ensure our Minor Injury Unit stays open at Malton Hospital. The recent march through Malton showed if we all unite together, we can make a difference.

Let’s hope the PCT and CCT will see sense and keep our Minor Injury Unit at Malton Hospital. 2013 will be a tough year, but let’s grit our teeth, think positive and make a difference.

Could I wish you all a peaceful new year.

Lindsay Burr MBE, Ward member, Malton