REGARDING the floods in Old Malton last month.

Firstly, congratulations and thanks to all agencies and emergency services for their sterling work in keeping water at bay.

In my view, it was the first time the River Derwent flood defences were truly tested since they were built after the 1999 and 2000 floods – the river stayed where it was intended so far as Old Malton is concerned.

Following are a number of my own observations and comments from residents and agencies’ staff while the event was on (and during other occasions which don’t always cause news but happen more regularly than are reported, particularly flooding outside Royal Oak and across Town Street):

Drainage/stream coming into Runnell at the north end of the village, which comes under the A64, is unable to cope and the flooding of St Mary’s Community Centre is the result

The pump at Lascelles Lane pumping station is inadequate

The sewage system through Old Malton is inadequate. It needs greater capacity of pipes and pumps. This is unfinished Yorkshire Water business post 1999-2000 floods when flood defences were built.

When a flooding event occurs, Town Street needs to be closed early, with diversions in place to keep vehicles away from area, to prevent them adding to the problem.

There is inadequate surface water drainage from Ryedale House to Town Street, at the Wentworth Arms Gullies must be regularly emptied otherwise the torrent pours down Town Street, including the pavement to the left of Old Malton church.

The connection from 45a Town Street to drains regularly overflows sewage across the pavement near the Royal Oak We need a clear map of what drains go where under Town Street/Lascelles Lane to catwell/river.

A flood warning system is needed, even if the event is not triggered by the river, which could be a local volunteer warden scheme perhaps, and a direct number to Environment Agency Control Room for the Old Malton co-ordinator.

It would be helpful if those affected have a single number they can contact to report issues while a flood event is happening I hope this is helpful and I am happy to be involved in meetings to find lasting solutions.

Martin Dales, Old Malton, Malton town councillor