AN apprentice farrier took his own life because he was worried about his future in the profession, an inquest heard yesterday (Tuesday).

North Yorkshire East coroner Michael Oakley recorded a verdict that Arron William Deakin, 22, of Cherry Tree Farm, Huttons Ambo, killed himself when he fixed a pipe from the exhaust of his car into the vehicle, and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mr Oakley was told that a note had been found in the car when Mr Deakin was discovered in the driving seat of the vehicle as it was parked at the farm.

His mother, Tess Hillier, said her son had studied at a college in Hereford before moving to Ryedale. But while he was happy in his job as an apprentice, he was concerned because he had been “back-blocked” in his theory on the apprenticeship.

She said he had never threatened to take his life. “He was a very quiet lad, and could be lonely,” she added.

Susan Charters, an assessor with the Farriers Association and a learning support co-ordinator, said he had been made redundant from one farrier business but then worked for another, Michael Clark, who said in a statement: “Arron was a quiet lad who got on with his work.”

He added: “I found no problem with his work.”

Giving his verdict, Mr Oakley, said Mr Deakin had concerns about completing his apprenticeship so far as the theory was concerned. He had tried to change his college but was not successful.