STUDIES by archaeologists at the University of York have been put under the TV spotlight.

The Channel 4 programme Time Team, led by presenter Tony Robinson, joined researchers near Star Carr in Scarborough, which is regarded as one of the UK’s most important early mesolithic sites.

In 2010, archaeologists from York and Manchester discovered Britain’s earliest surviving house, dating back to 9,000BC, at the site.

The York team is now looking to gain a better understanding of how hunter-gatherers who lived there adapted to changes in climate and the environment.

Dr Nicky Milner, of the university’s department of archaeology, who is leading the research, said: “It has been very exciting to work with Time Team and use our research to show what life would have been like in the mesolithic period, and we are very keen to share this knowledge”.

Kate Edwards, of Time Team, said: “Star Carr is an internationally important site so it has been thrilling for us to see the work the team is doing there and to follow some of their exciting results.”

An open day yesterday gave people a chance to see the work in progress and some of the artefacts which have been uncovered A Star Carr festival will be staged on Sunday at Woodend in The Crescent, Scarborough, featuring lectures, performance storytelling and childrens’ activities.

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