CYCLISTS might take their bikes out for a scenic ride on a weekend, or use their bikes for short distance transport day-to-day, but for Malton’s Donald Low, his bike represents something else entirely.

On Friday, Mr Low will be joining 40 strangers in a gruelling three-day challenge, cycling 210 miles from London to Paris, in an attempt to help raise £50,000 for Diabetes UK, a charity striving to find a cure for diabetes.

Mr Low is no novice when it comes to challenging himself in the name of charity. In June he completed the 73-mile Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, and he used to run to raise money before encountering problems with his knee. He has covered more than 1,000 miles in cycle training since he started preparing in earnest in May.

Even when not training, Mr Low enjoys cycling.

“It’s a wonderful sport, and a great way to see the countryside, as you see much more than when travelling by car,” he said.

The motive behind all this hard work is that Mr Low, along with his sister, is a diabetes sufferer himself and would love to help researchers find a cure.

Though he admits he is nervous in his anticipation of the challenge, he thinks that it will be fun, and beneficial in raising awareness of the charity.

If you’d like to help Mr Low reach his target, phone him on 01653 697494.