AN autumnal display of apples attracted visitors to a Ryedale nursery at the weekend.

RV Roger, in Pickering, hosted its annual apple event which also showcased the plant centre’s varied collection of fruit.

Among the displays was more than 150 varieties of apples, which won another gold medal and silver platter for best exhibit at the Harrogate Autumn Show, and premier gold at the Malvern Autumn show recently.

There was an apple store, as well as seasonal offerings from Tree Top Press, of Suffield, The Drink Stop and The Rose Hip Company, plus artist Bridget Gillespie.

Ian Roger, managing director of RV Roger, said: “We were at the founding of the Apple Day in Covent Garden, London, some 25 years ago with the Common Ground organisation. They continue to promote the rich diversity of local fruit and their unique characteristics, as well as encouraging gardeners to enjoy the huge diversity of flavours and colours of some of the less well known apples grown in the nursery

“RV Roger specialises in growing and curating heritage and local apple varieties, including the rare George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement, Isaac Newton’s apple. taken from the tree under which sir Newton was supposed to have had his flash of genius about gravity, Captain Cook’s apple from Goathland, and other rare gems.

“We’re passionate about growing and preserving these heritage and curious varieties, and have a collection of more than 240 different apples.

“We’ll continue to show off the best that we grow, and to try and help as many people as we can to know and enjoy, the wonderful varieties that still exist, almost all of which are never seen on the supermarket’s shelves”