TWO NORTH Yorkshire Tory MPs have backed Theresa May as leader and Prime Minister, as other party figures have called for a leadership fight.

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy and Thirsk and Malton's Kevin Hollinrake have given their support to the Prime Minister.

On Friday morning former party chairman Grant Shapps went public with his plot to oust her as leader. He said he had the support for around 30 MPs, including cabinet members, who thought it was time for Mrs May to step down.

However, York MP Mr Sturdy said he had heard nothing from his backbench colleagues to indicate that sort of feeling about the Prime Minister.

Speaking on Friday afternoon he said: "I am very disappointed with Grant Shapps' intervention.

"I think it was unnecessary, and I certainly haven't heard any of my colleagues saying anything like what Grant Shapps has said."

"We need continuity and stability - a leadership fight in the Conservative party is the last thing the country needs."

He said the Prime Minister has the support of the cabinet, and he accused people speaking against her of putting other motives - their own personal ambitions - before the party and the country.

Thirsk and Malton's Mr Hollinrake voiced his own support for the Prime Minister on social media.

He tweeted taht she had done a brilliant job at the party conference, with an "unflinching and resilient" performance in the face of challenges.

He added: "Just in case anyone was in any doubt whatsoever, the PM has my 100 per cent support."

Earlier in the week he said he believed she was the right person to lead the country, despite her nightmare speech to the conference.

“Why would it change my belief that Theresa May is the right person to run this country because she has got a cough?”