TOWN councillors are to reconsider providing parking spaces for residents living near a car park.

Last year, Norton Town Council debated installing six bollards in St Nicholas Street car park, which is owned by Ryedale District Council (RDC), for people living in the adjoining Bruntwood Terrace.

The council was approached by the residents who said they were finding it increasingly difficult to find somewhere to park in the adjoining car park.

The residents argued that RDC had a long-standing commitment to install parking bollards near their homes, saying they were promised guaranteed parking spaces after they lost their garages when the car park was built.

The town council had agreed to pay for and install the bollards, however, was later told that the move could lead to financial and legal difficulties.

Councillor Di Keal, who has led the campaign to provide the parking spaces, said she wanted to take the matter forward again.

"I still feel very strongly, as do the residents of Bruntwood Terrace that these parking places should be provided.

"The excuse by the district council last time was that they were looking at car parks across he area but this project isn't moving forward so I would like to ask town councillors for their support in white lining six parking space for the use by those residents."

Cllr Keal said they could also look at providing numbers relating to the properties in the spaces.

"I realise there is no way of enforcing this but the residents are finding it increasingly difficult to find spaces and some of the them are quite elderly," she added.

"It will also be a move in the right direction as this issue has been going on for so many years. We also need to get it sorted before the district council decides what they want to do with St Nicholas Street car park as at the moment there are some members who resent the face that Norton is the only town with a free car park."

Deputy mayor Antony Crozer, said: "Hopefully people will comply with the lineage as they do are encouraged to do so with disabled and child-friendly parking space."