AN MP is showing his support for a legal campaign launched by law students to secure fair compensation for all victims of sexual abuse.

Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald is backing a landmark legal challenge by Teesside Law Clinic, based in Teesside University's School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law, which aims to overturn the ‘same roof rule’ to secure fair pay-outs for victims of historic sexual abuse.

Compensation is currently not paid to victims if a criminal injury was sustained before October 1, 1979, and, at the time of the incident, the victim and perpetrator were living together as members of the same family.

Senior Law lecturer Andrew Perriman said: “Launching the legal challenge was the first step in a long journey to secure compensation for victims of historic sexual abuse. Teesside Law Clinic is dealing with a number of cases and is currently challenging the ‘same roof’ rule in the Court of Appeal on behalf of one our clients.”

Mr McDonald added: “It is incredible that anyone who suffered sexual abuse in the home, carried out by a family member living under the same roof, cannot claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme simply because the offence took place before October 1, 1979."

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