THE committee of a busy village hall is calling for dedicated new volunteers to keep it going into the future.

Rillington Village Hall, which is based in the building which was formerly the county primary school, is currently home to the Rillington Preschool Play Group, the Brownies, the YWCA, shortmat bowling, Young Farmers and zumba, as well as discos, parties and dances.

Brian Maud, councillor and committee member who lives in Rillington, said: “We were a committee of busy people who had jobs, children and our own lives to lead, but it was something we all cared about and some of us have been involved for 35 years.

“The village hall now needs some dedicated folk to keep it or a new one going.” He added that the current building was the culmination of a lot of work and fundraising.

“In 1977 Brigadier Breeze, the chairman of the parish council, called an open meeting, and said that the now-redundant school building should be acquired by the village for a community centre. There was much support and a visit into the empty building was arranged,” he said.

“At the visit everyone was amazed at how dry it all was with no signs of any leaks through the roof.”

He said that the old village hall in Scarborough Road, which had been repaired after much damage from frost and storms, was sold.

“Grants were applied for and we ended after much work with a sturdy and dry new village hall,” he said.

“After everything had been paid for there was enough money left to buy 100 stacking chairs - and with no bank loan or debts.”