SURFERS and bodyboarders have been warned to check tide times and stay within safe swimming zones.

The call comes after two bodyboarders were rescued in North Yorkshire.

The pair were spotted 500m outside the flagged zone at Cayton Bay — a strong offshore wind was preventing them from getting back to safety.

RNLI lifeguard Chris Ireland saw the pair in difficulty at 11.30am on Saturday. He alerted fellow lifeguard Tim Machon, who went to their aid. One of them had been hit in the face by her bodyboard and knocked into the sea, leaving her very shaken but without serious injuries.

The couple were helped back to shore and assessed by lifeguards.

The incident followed an August rescue in which three surfers ignored lifeguards’ warnings and the red flags, and entered the water.

One was caught in a rip current and swept close to the Pump House Rocks.

People are advised to talk to lifeguards about tide times and safe swimming areas. Red flags warn people not to enter the sea. Orange wind socks denote dangerous wind.