UNEMPLOYED people will have the chance to receive two days of free help and careers advice as part of an employability seminar.

Yorkshire-based social enterprise Bizenko will be holding a seminar in York on Wednesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 25, for women and people who are unemployed, aged between 17 and 24.

The seminars will take a unique approach on how to prepare for looking for a job and gaining an interview in a tough market and focusing on training people to think like a business thinks.

Nick Palmer, of Bizenko, said: “Most information a jobseeker gets from the employment market is either a marketing message promising riches or instructions for an administrative task such as how to write a CV. We want to break the mould and train the individuals to think like a business thinks.”

The seminars will be ideally suited to those who are hoping to work in private, public or third sector jobs and the theme across the two-day event will be commercial awareness, covering the skills that most employers consider to be lacking in job applicants.

To sign up to the event, email seminars@bizenko.co.uk