NORTON councillors have uncovered evidence that residents living next to St Nicholas Street car park in Norton had been promised access to parking.

The council had previously agreed in principal at a previous to pay for and install the bollards after being approached by a number of householders who were finding it increasingly difficult to find somewhere to park.

It was understood that when the car park was built and the houses lost their garages, people were told they would have guaranteed parking spaces.

However, a letter from Phil Long, head of environment at Ryedale District Council, said there was no foundation to the claims.

At the town council's August meeting, Councillor Di Keal, said some of the residents had now found correspondence dating back to 2006, which indicated consideration had been given to residents' own parking.

"I was appalled when I read the response to our request from Ryedale District Council," she added.

"We do have some evidence that garages where there before the car park but were knocked down to allow access."

Coun Keal said it appeared residents were promised replacements at the corner where the car wash is now situated.

"They were then told by Ryedale District Council that they had run out of money and it was left at that," she added.

"I hope that this council will continue to lobby the district council as we are not asking them to pay for anything, just to enable residents to park near their homes as on some days this can be impossible."