RESIDENTS in Ryedale who move house in the area will now be able to transfer their green waste subscriptions to another address.

Following complaints from residents who were told that they would have to pay for a full year’s subscription again if they moved house, Ryedale District Council has agreed that subscriptions can be carried over.

Coleen Guest, of Malton, made a complaint after she was told that she would have to pay another £27 when she moved a couple of streets.

She contacted Councillor Luke Ives for help, who worked to get the decision reversed.

He said: “I regret that Mrs Guest had to pay green waste charges in the first place, so when she informed me she would have to pay again I agreed that it was completely unfair.”

Coun Ives said he was “delighted” to get the decision changed “within a matter of hours”.

Linda Cowling, council leader, said the introduction of green waste charges had been successful, but agreed that it was unfair to ask residents to pay for a second time if they moved house locally.

She said: “When Councillor Ives informed me of Mrs Guest’s complaint I agreed that the existing policy was unfair and I asked that it be reviewed.

“It is standard practice among local authorities to apply green waste subscriptions against the property, not the person, so this change will take us outside of the norm, although it will result in a policy that is fairer and it will benefit our green waste subscribers.”