A COUPLE had an extra special present for their golden wedding anniversary when one of their daughters made a surprise visit from America.

Malcolm and Hilda Woolley, who live in Kirkbymoorside, had been told Judith, who lives with her family in the US, was unable to attend the celebrations.

However, Malcolm said on the morning of their anniversary their was a knock on the door and she was stood there.

"It was a big surprise and we were all in tears as we hadn't seen her for three years and certainly weren't expecting her to come over," he added.

"We had a fantastic party with over 100 friends and family including our other children Michael, Elizabeth and Stephen and the best man.

"It was a brilliant day and they had decorated the church hall for us, unfortunately the only person who could not come was my brother David, a former Baptist minster who married us as he was ill."

The couple met at a Methodist Chapel youth club in Darlington, on Malcolm's 21st birthday.

"We were both regulars at the club but this was the first time we had met and although Hilda took a bit of chasing she did eventually agree to go out with me," Malcolm said.

They were married on August 1 1964 in Darlington, where they both grew up.

Hilda, who is now 75, was a school teacher and Malcolm, 74, a plant fitter until the 1980s when he joined the ambulance service and they moved to Kirkbymoorside.

Malcolm added: "My sister lived in the town and we knew what a lovely place it as and now we wouldn't want to live anywhere else."