Rebecca Neacsu and her husband George from Strensall have been entertaining the children of Malton with their ‘Circus day Workshop’ which has been keeping the children on their toes.

The inspiration for the day comes from George’s previous work as part of the circus act as an acrobat on a ship, and now with Rebecca on board they plan to utilise those assets for the children of Malton.

Throughout the course of the day the children will be participating a number of exciting activities such as, juggling, plate spinning, trapeze and silks as well as gymnastics both Rhythmic and Acrosport and at the end of the day there will be the opportunity to give a showcase which will show off the skills that they have learnt during the day.

Their efforts will be donated to the extension that they hope to build at the Kirkham Henry Performing Arts Centre to allow for more workshops like theirs to take place within Malton.

This is the second year for the workshop and Rebecca hopes there will be many more to come, ‘It’s been an absolutely fantastic day, the children have really enjoyed it and it’s something totally new and different for them to learn, something they might never get to do anywhere else. It’s great to see children of all ages are joining together to make it such a great day.’

There will also be an opportunity for the older children of 11 plus to join in the fun on the 8th of August, which will have some more advanced skills but will be just as fun.