NORTON councillors have expressed their dismay at the reaction to a request to install bollards in St Nicholas Street car park.

The clerk had written to Ryedale District Council inquiring about the possibility of having six parking spaces for the residents of Bruntwood Terrace, whose properties front onto the car park.

Norton councillors agreed in principal at a previous meeting to pay for and install the bollards after being approached by a number of householders who were finding it increasingly difficult to find somewhere to park.

It was understood that when the car park was built and the houses lost their garages, people were told they would have guaranteed parking spaces.

However, a letter from Phil Long, head of environment at Ryedale District Council, said there was no foundation to the claims.

“At no time have either Norton Urban Council or Ryedale District Council ever provided garages for the owners of Bruntwood Terrace, especially bearing in mind that when originally built there were no cars,” he said.

Mr Long said that there may have been an agreement with the Allied Breweries, which had owned land in the area, but if they did, these rights would have been extinguished.

“Your letter slightly confounds me regarding the evidence behind the statements, which have led to the town council agreeing to pay for the purchase and installation of bollards,” he said.

Councillor David Lloyd-Williams said he was very dismayed by the tone of Mr Long’s reply.

“If this is the offensive way letters are written then Ryedale are not doing themselves any favours,” he said.

Councillor Jonathan Gray said he was surprised by the forceful tone used. “It also fails to actually answer our question,” he said.

Deputy major Coun Antony Croser said he could not understand what the big issue was.

“We have said we will pay and all we want to do is put up some bollards for the residents,” he said.

Councillor Di Keal, who initially made the suggestion to install the bollards, said perhaps the council could contact former town councillors Keith Mennell and Cyril Shreeve for their recollections of the agreement made with residents.

“I do feel people living there have a justified complaint and they are the only households who actually face onto the car park,” she said.

“At the moment the car park is filled with caravans, commercial vans and people leaving their cars while they go on holiday while those living nearby have nowhere to park.”

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