YOUNGER people are being encouraged to get involved with local politics with the introduction of a youth council in Norton.

An approach has been made to Norton College with a view of finding 12 students who would be interested in taking part.

Councillor Benjamin Mehrtens said he had spoken to the head of sixth form, Teresa Huntley, with the view to setting up the youth council after the summer break.

“They are really keen to get involved and come up with their own issues and ideas which they could then bring to us,” he said. “There is also the opportunity to develop and build on the initial idea with mock elections and their own mayor and deputy.”

Councillor Di Keal said Norton College was keen to get more involved with the local community and this fitted in with the curriculum.

“It would be a good idea if they could come here and see what we do in advance and then come up with their own ideas and decisions which they could feed into this council,” she said.

Councillor Jonathan Gray said it was good to hear that young people were interested in getting involved in local politics.

“I am sure it will bring to our attention to issues that concern younger residents of Norton that we may not be aware of and we should thank Coun Mehrtens for his efforts,” he said.

Councillors agreed to invite those interested in getting involved in the youth council to meet at the council chambers before the October meeting.