A TRIPLE fatal accident has been a “wake-up call” for safety on a stretch of road in Ryedale according to the area’s chief of police.

Inspector Andy Everitt said work was ongoing by key agencies relating to the B1248, which runs through Wharram-le-Street, following a crash last November, which saw three people, including a mother and son, lose their lives.

They, along with two others, who suffered serious injuries, were involved in the accident as they travelled to work at Karro – the Malton bacon factory.

Wharram-le-Street Parish Council subsequently launched a campaign including a Facebook page, Make The B1248 SAFE, to push for road safety measures.

Insp Everitt attended the parish council’s AGM to address members and listened to concerns relating to road safety.

He said: “The triple fatal road collision last year was undoubtedly a wake-up call for everybody and I am aware that work is ongoing by key agencies with major employers in the Malton and Norton area to address some of the standard of driving issues that residents in areas such as Wharram-le-Street are encountering on their stretch of road.”

Insp Everritt said it was clear residents wanted a review of potential traffic calming measures and they had discussed some of the engineering solutions they would like to see introduced.

Insp Everitt said he had been in contact with the manager of the North Yorkshire Police road safety camera vans to ascertain what they need to do to put this stretch of the B1248 on to the list of camera van routes.

He said: “I will also be deploying local officers who are trained in the use of speed detection equipment on to this stretch of road.”

Roger Kay, chairman of Wharram-le-Street Parish Council, said the meeting with Insp Everitt had been very encouraging.

He said: “We are still pushing ahead with our parish campaign to make the B1248 safer. We have wanted more police monitoring of the road for some time and Insp Everitt said he would support our efforts.”

We shall also be liaising with other parishes he suggested and doing what we can to make our stretch of the B1248 a safer road for local people and other users alike.”