NORTON Town Council has voted for a £2,000 grant towards promotional signs at the entrance to the town.

The money is being made available through a grant to the Malton and Norton Area Partnership from the Mary Portas Fund.

The actual cost to the council would be about £400. and the cost of each advertising sign was currently £150.

Councillor David Lloyd-Williams, a member of the partnership, said it was felt the towns needed proper advertising signs for events.

“If we go back a couple of years the area partnership supported signs for Malton – one on the Pickering road and the other on the A64 to advertising functions to attract people here.

“The offer was made to Norton as well and I would like to see the same thing repeated this side of the river, with two signs of similar design to promote what is going on in the community.”

Coun Lloyd-Williams said the signs would need planning permission, but could include events such as the open stables day and attractions like the swimming pool and golf club.

“People say everything is in Malton, but it jolly well isn’t.

“We have the bus and train stations as well as the doctors’ surgery here in Norton and it would be nice if we were able to bring people into the town to see what we have to offer.”

Coun Lloyd-Williams said that if the council decided to turn down the offer the money would be used by the area partnership elsewhere.

However, Councillor Di Keal said she would rather see signs in Norton itself to promote the town and its attractions. “I still believe they [the signs] will be used to promote what is happening in Malton and feel we could do with something more attractive and useful to Norton.”

Councillor Jonathon Gray said that while he shared her concerns the signs did have a visual impact.

“I have spoken to work colleagues who[Colleagues] have noticed them when travelling on the A64 and the events they highlight – they are ‘in your face’.”

Council members voted to go back to the Area Partnership and accept the grant for the signs and will now go back to the Area Partnership.