SIGHT Support Ryedale has been given a donation to help local members enjoy a holiday.

The Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust has awarded the Malton-based charity £2,500 which will help pay for escorted assistance for sight impaired people.

Janice Every, Chief Officer of the organisation, said: “The funds are very welcome to help finance an escorted tour for our members, who might otherwise have no possibility of taking a holiday.

“Most of us take for granted being able to go on holiday, but for many sight impaired people, especially those who are elderly and live on their own, taking a holiday is not possible without assistance.?“

Janice said getting out and about becomes very challenging with sight loss, particularly in our rural area.?

“ Many of our members spend a lot of hours alone within their own four walls, and can no longer enjoy reading or watching television, so an escorted holiday along the lines which we can provide really lifts the spirits,” she added.

“A number of volunteers will act as guides where necessary, as well as providing practical help and companionship.”

Janice said: “We would like to thank the Fitzwilliam Malton Estate for its generous donation, which will help towards an activity which will give such a boost to many local sight impaired people.”

The holiday will be taken at an Action for Blind People hotel in Weston-Super-Mare in the summer.

Sight Support Ryedale is an independent charity which offers a support network for those who are blind or partially sighted, and is supported by well over 30 volunteers.

The charity has been helping people with sight difficulties since 1994 and provides a wide range of support and activities, such as social groups, information and advice, a walking group, computer training, loan of equipment and of course the annual escorted holiday.

Janice said: “We have a thriving and active membership and these funds help us to maintain the support we offer our members.”