A BID to trigger a debate on the future of Malton has been made by one of the town's best known residents, professional painter, Alan Jones.

He has had a leaflet printed and distributed to civic and business leaders urging an appraisal of curren t issues in the town and their potential impact on Malton.

In what he describes as a "tongue in cheek" swipe at decision makers, Mr Jones, said he feared that more extensive new housing schemes would have a detrimental impact including overloading the sewage system, increased traffic in the town centre, over-loading the Derwent Medical Centre, and failing to dredge or drain the River Derwent.

"It is sad that as a town we have so much to offer," said lifelong resident Mr Jones, who has underlined his concern by featuring an array of pictures he has painted of its landmarks.

The river could be used for narrow boats, and he urged more use to be made of local churches to prevent them being converted into restaurants.

York House, said Mr Jones, would make an ideal museum to accommodate Malton's wealth of Roman artefacts as we as focusing on its role as a leading horse racing centre and historic farming industry.

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