CAN you recognise these World War One Wagoners?

Andy Barwick, of Pickering, bought a postcard from EBay of a group of wagoners standing at Sledmere station in 1914 with the hope that locals can help to identify those in the picture.

The postcard, which dates back to 1914, shows a group of wagoners waiting to board a train to Malton and so far just two have been identified.

On the far right hand side is James Albert Lowe and according to some writing on the back of the postcard the young girl in the white pinafore is called Kathleen.

Andy said: "The Wagoners' Museum at Sledmere didn't recognise the picture either but a lot of people who live in that area have lived there all of their lives so I'm hoping some people will recognise the faces in the picture.

"When I see old postcards like this I just have to buy them, they're fantastic."

The Wagoners Special Reserve was created by Sir Mark Sykes 6th Baronet and the men subsequently became the first to go abroad for WW1.

Another picture, courtesy of the Wagoners' Museum, shows a competition at Fimber and Sledmere station organised by Sir Mark Sykes.

Andy believes that the competition was amongst the first of its kind for mill wagons before the wagoners went off to war where they drove the wagons, supplying fodder, ammunition and food to the frontline.

If you recognise anyone in the pictures get in touch at or phone 01653 690610.