COMPENSATION payouts within North Yorkshire Police totalled more than £9,200 last year - the lowest amount in recent years.

Figures released under the Freedom Of Information Act showed damages of £9,233.61 were paid out in settlements following five successful court or tribunal actions against the force.

The figure is a massive reduction from 2012, which saw £76,952.78 given out in seven successful claims made by officers for amounts ranging from £205 to over £63,000.

In 2011, damages of £26,945.37 were paid out following five actions against the force, ranging from £21 to £20,325.

Of the 17 successful claims in the last three years, 14 were made by Police Constables, two by Detective Constables and one by an Inspector within North Yorkshire Police.

Seven of the payouts were as damages for physical injury, five followed employment tribunals, four were for replacement clothing or equipment, and one was designated as "other", but North Yorkshire Police could not provide further information or details as they may identify the individuals or their claims.

The figures also showed that although only 17 claims were successful, leading to damages totalling £113,131.76, there were 30 more claims to the force which were not successful.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said the number of claims had not dropped dramatically, and the large single payment made in 2012 may have distorted the figures for that year.

The spokeswoman also said there were still claims which had not yet been settled from 2012 and 2013, so the figures may yet change.