PICKERING Rotary Club has welcomed its first female member.

Beth King, who runs the Hairshop, in Eastgate, is currently the only woman in a club of 35 men.

As part of becoming a member, those joining give a talk about their job to give the group an insight into their background.

Beth has run the salon for 11 years and provided the Rotarians with an insight in to what is involved in running a hair salon.

To conclude the talk, Beth also introduced four models to give a demonstration of hair and make-up.

Dennis Eddon, president of Pickering Rotary, said: “I was absolutely delighted to welcome Beth to the club, and I particularly want to see more members in Rotary, and specifically more women. “Volunteering to help out in the community and Rotary International requires members from all walks of life, and skill sets.

“We all have a part to play in helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves.”

Beth said: “I was delighted to be a member of Rotary, and she looked forward to being involved in the forthcoming Rotary projects.

“I particularly feel energised after each meeting by the number of new ideas that are put forward to help the local community.”

For more information about Pickering and District Rotary Club visit pickering-rotary.org.uk or Twitter on twitter@no1rotary