TOUGHER action against fly-tippers is being demanded by a rural organisation with thousands of members in Ryedale and North Yorkshire.

CLA North regional director Dorothy Fairburn said: “Fly-tipping happens all year round but it hits a peak at this time of year.

“It is staggering that so many people think it is acceptable to dump their waste in the countryside rather than at a recycling centre.”

Part of the problem is that most recycling centres have limitations on the amount of waste that can be dumped free of charge.

“Obviously it is very tempting to take what you can for disposal and then dump the rest in the nearest hedge or gateway,” said Miss Fairburn.

“But we are asking everyone who has waste to dispose of to do the right thing as it is the countryside that suffers and it is our members who have to clear up and foot the bill. The CLA’s action plan to tackle environmental crime calls for the Government to ensure local authorities can accept fly-tipped waste without charge to landowners as well as an end to the prosecution of landowners who have waste dumped on their land and have to pay to remove it.”