A TINY chapel and its unusual sculptures will be open to the public only a couple of days this year.

Scotch Corner Chapel, near the village of Oldstead, was built by Ampleforth College master John Bunting.

The chapel is a war memorial to those who died in the Second World War and, in particular, to former Ampleforth College pupils who fought in the war.

Mr Bunting acquired the land on which the chapel stands in 1956. It is built on the ruins of an old farmstead, though the history of the plot goes back much further – the Battle of Byland between the English and the Scots took place here in 1322 and there are two Bronze Age burial mounds nearby.

Scotch Corner Chapel is now managed by the Bunting family for the public benefit and is home to many of John Bunting’s sculptural works including a stone sculpture of a recumbent solider in paratrooper’s helmet and commando boots.

The remote chapel will be open on Sunday, July 12 and September 13, from noon to 4pm. The nearest parking is at Sutton Bank national park centre, which is a 1.5-mile walk from the chapel.