RESEARCHERS at Scampston Hall are appealing to Gazette & Herald readers to help them with information on three mystery World War One photographs.

A group of volunteers conducting research whilst the conservatory at the hall, Malton, undergoes a restoration, discovered the old photographs, which date back to WW1, but with no accompanying information and are keen to find out more.

Valerie Gilbert who is involved in the project said that the team believe the photos were taken at the Hall or in the nearby area.

"One photo has a battalion of motor cyclists, with clear registration numbers. They are lined up in a large open field, most likely locally, possibly at Scampston," she said.

"Readers might recognise someone or have more information about the photo and we would love to find out more."

Another of the photographs discovered shows a team of nurses who Valerie believes may have been supported by the St Quintin family of Scampston Hall.

She said: "We think they may have been the Princess Alexandra nurses. There were letters to Lady St Quintin thanking them for donations and fundraising events so we think the nurses were something supported by the family there."

If you have any information on the pictures get in touch by emailing