A NORTH Yorkshire chippie has come to the rescue of a local bird of prey centre and is helping to feed one of it's rarest residents.

Scotts of Helmsley answered a cry of help from the nearby International Centre for Birds of Prey, who were desperate for a regular supply of fresh fish to feed their rare Steller’s sea eagle, which weights 14lbs and has a massive 8ft wingspan.

Inowashi – Japanese for big eagle – is part of a world-wide breeding programme for the birds.

She has been at the International Centre for Birds of Prey – owned and run by Charlie Heap – since it opened last year.

Charlie said: “Being based in Duncombe Park, we are just around the corner from Scotts so thought I would be cheeky and ask if they might consider donating fish to us on a regular basis.

“She is a fussy eater, but she can’t get enough of the fish that Scotts supply. Thanks to Scotts, Inowashi is probably the best fed Steller’s sea eagle in the world!”