A FAMILY have been left devastated after their pet cat was mauled to death by two dogs.

Amy Simpson, who lives in Eastfield Road, Norton, said she had been altered by a neighbour last Friday evening to say their cat, Louie, was being attacked.

"By the time I got out the cat was barely alive and wimpering quietly, " she added.

"I went down to stroke him but he quickly passed away."

Amy said she had only got the cat nine months ago to cheer up her daughters Cerys,aged three and Sophie, five, after their father left.

"We are all absolutely devastated and the girls couldn't stop crying," she added.

"It is awful that I got Louie to make them feel better and now this has happened - it is just awful."

Amy said her friend had seen two lurcher or greyhound-type dogs attacking the cat.

"She tried to stop what was happening but the owner told her where to go and ran off," she added.

"I've since found out that this also happened to a lady wo lives opposite whose cat was killed about a month about by the same dogs."

Amy said there was now a lot of concern in the area, particularly with families with young children.

"We have the playing field at the end of our road but people I've spoken to are not keen to let their kids out to play now in case these dog are around," she added.

"I am certainly not letting my two out of sight , goodness knows what would happen if they saw a child running because that is what they go for - it's terrifying."

Amy said she had reported the incident to the police who had referred her to the local dog warden.

Brian Dunn, Animal Welfare Officer for Ryedale District Council, said : “The incident is still under investigation and will be dealt with accordingly.”