Organised crime gangs from Manchester and Liverpool are targeting a North Yorkshire town and sending teams of dealers to peddle heroin and cocaine on its streets, York Crown Court heard.

Nick Adlington issued the warning as he prosecuted two Liverpudlians who were caught by North Yorkshire's serious crime squad.

The barrister described how the officers surrounded a flat where drug users had gathered on February 6. Kevin Paul Kelly, 21, leapt from a first floor balcony at the rear with £1,369.58 drug money but was arrested as he landed.

Darren James Donoghue, 27, was arrested inside the flat with 1g of heroin and 2.5g of cocaine concealed inside himself.

"It is an extremely common scenario in Scarborough," said Mr Adlington. "Organised crime groups operating out of Manchester and Liverpool are sending pairs of runners, very often young men who owe drug debts, and they are sent into Scarborough to deal at street level."

Kelly, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine and heroin, and Donoghue pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and cocaine with intent. Both men live in Radway Road, Liverpool and were jailed for 20 months each. The money was confiscated.

Recorder Simon Myerson QC said the pair had been pressurised or trapped into dealing in Scarborough.