PLANS for a new livestock market at Malton were discussed at an open meeting of the town council last week.

The £17m development, which will include a business park on land next to Eden Camp, off f the A64, along with about 300 new homes, has been put forward by Commercial Development Projects – part of the Marshall Group of companies – the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation and the Malton and Ryedale Farmers’ Livestock Market Company Limited.

While the plans were seen as providing a major opportunity to boost the Ryedale economy and provide new jobs, town councillors and residents in nearby Old Malton told the meeting that they were concerned about the impact of potential flooding.

Town clerk Mike Skehan said: “We are looking for a permanent solution to the flooding problems not just flood alleviation equipment.”

Deputy mayor Councillor Paul Andrews added that people were anxious for answers on the flooding issue.

“Putting the livestock market on this site will create a second town centre,” he said.

Charles Vyvyan, development manager for Commercial Development Projects, told the meeting that Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency supported the plans. “There are three key things about the scheme. It will replace the existing market which is not fit for purpose and needs a new homs and will enable other developments to come forward,” he added.

“Yorkshire Water have confirmed there is sufficient capacity for the sewage system for all the development sites. We will not get planning permission if we don’t prove we are going to reduce water run-off – our aim is a 30 per cent reduction.”

Mr Vyvyan said the house-building schemes were needed to “cross subsidise” the whole livestock market and business park scheme, he added.

Pat Foxton, chairman of the Malton and Ryedale Farmers’ Livestock Company, said: “Any scheme which saves the livestock market for Malton and benefits the farming industry, has got to be good.”

He warned that jobs would be at risk if the development did not go ahead. “This is not a baited hook. We have got the responsibility to relocate the market - we only have a three month rolling lease on the existing one. The market is vital to Malton.”

The plans are due to be submitted to Ryedale District Council next week.


• £2.5m market;

• £4.9m to be spent on new roads and services;

• Land at The Showfield, Old Malton and Peasey Hill to be developed for a total of300 new homes;

• Business park for new offices, industrial premises and workspace units.