A LOCAL business, specialising in producing high quality leather and canvas bags and accessories has been presented with a prestigious award for the rebranding of their product.

Jackie and Allistair Croot, of Malton and Norton based family business Croots, which has produced sporting luggage, travel bags and accessories for more than 35 years, decided to give the brand a complete overhaul three years ago which has since seen them gain nationwide recognition.

Since the rebrand, from AC Supplies to Croots, Jackie and Allistair have seen an impressive increase in sales of 17,963 per cent - representing 15 per cent of the of the brand's total turnover.

The new brand was created by WPA Pinfold, who entered Croots in to the Design Effectiveness awards held in London.

Croots impressed and was presented with the Gold award in the brand identity for a project spend of under one hundred thousand.

"Three years ago we decided that our company identity did not match the quality of product we produce and entered in to a complete brand overhaul," said company director Allistair.

"We are proud to have been expanding our UK & Export markets throughout the last five years, supplying 20 plus countries worldwide with our traditional English style of leather goods."

The company, which has now developed its City range of laptop bags and holdalls for busy business life, said that it was also proud to have supplied products Prince Philip and to the Duchess of Cambridge.

For more information on Croots visit www.crootsengland.co.uk