AN HISTORIC Yorkshire chapel has taken on a new look, with the installation of new environmentally-friendly lighting.

The new lighting was fitted to the interior of the chapel at Castle Howard to improve the feature paintings, stained glass windows and ornate design.

The chapel - which was featured in the film and television versions of Brideshead Revisited - was decorated by Morris & Co. at the request of Edward Howard, the younger brother of the eighth Earl of Carlisle, and will now feature as part of the stately home's guided tour.

The Hon Simon Howard said he was "delighted with the results".

He said: "The chapel has always featured in the house tour, but it has been unguided. This year for the first time ever, we are guiding the chapel to share with visitors the intricate detail and amazing stories. We hope it becomes a highlight for many."

The house and chapel will be open to the public from tomorrow (SAT 22). For more details go to