PERIOD features, plenty of parking, an extra bedroom - the list of most house hunters' requirements is long enough, but for one Yorkshire family their "must haves" include an unusual extra - room for their beloved pet camel.

Jeffrey, a hardy Russian Kuznechik camel, has been part of Elizabeth Grant's family for seven years since he arrived as a surprise birthday present for her son Tom, now 26.

He fitted in nicely at the 50-acre rural retreat Elizabeth shared near Easingwold with her husband - former jockey and racehorse trainer Simon Griffiths, and their children Tom and Emily. Now the children have grown up and moved out the couple want to downsize, but need to find somewhere with enough space for Jeffrey and his pals.

Elizabeth said: "We will definitely be taking Jeffrey with us. He's very much part of the family, and he is so well trained.

"You can ride him, and he spends a lot of time with us.

"He is so kind and gentle, he would wonder where we had gone if we left him behind."

Jeffrey, who Elizabeth imported from Holland where he lived with his former owners, has spent so much time with the family that he has taken on some human characteristics - like a fondness for a tipple.

A pint is one of his favourite treats and staff from the Rose and Crown at Sutton on the Forest, will bring the leftovers round in a bucket after they have cleaned the lines.

Elizabeth added: "Jeffrey comes into the garden in the summer. If Simon goes out to sit in the garden Jeffrey will follow him for a few carrots, then lie down next to him until Simon comes back inside."

The family's menageries also includes llamas, goats, geese, cats and dogs, but Jeffrey's closest pals are three Highland cattle Princess and her twin calves Gavin and Stacey.

"He won't go anywhere without the cattle," Elizabeth added.

"We thought he would like the llamas as they are from the camelid family but he hates them. He loves his cows and they love him."

Unlike his desert dwelling cousins Jeffreycan get by in sub zero temperatures so has not found the Yorkshire climate difficult.

Elizabeth and Simon's home at Hazel Hill Farm, near Easingwold, is now for sale with Carter Jonas for £2 million, but the new owners will have to bring their own animals as Jeffrey and the menagerie will definitely be moving to the couple's new home.