SAFETY officers are looking at ways to improve a road where three people, including a mother and son, died in a car crash.

Officers have been conducting seat belt surveys and speed surveys along the B1248, where Iwona Bartczak, 40, and her son Konrad, 18, and Rysard Orlowski, 47, died as they travelled to work at the Malton Bacon Factory from Hull in November last year.

In a report delivered to Ryedale Area Committee last Wednesday, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue group manager Danny Westmoreland said that the Road Safety Tactical Group has been working on a strategy to stop incidents like that of November from happening again.

“These are ongoing problems and we are constantly monitoring where the problems are,” he said.

“Conversations and meetings have taken place with several large employers in the Malton area with a view to delivering road safety education to employees and employers.”

A campaign group to make the B1248 safer was set up by Wharram-le-Street residents last year following the fatal accident.

Since then, they have been keen for police and road safety officers to monitor the road, particularly at busy times.

Councillor Janet Sanderson, speaking at the area committee meeting, welcomed the news that action was going to be taken.

She said: “I am really pleased that we are looking at this problem and we are addressing it through action after this tragic accident.

“I hope we are going to be able to put in some long term solutions as well.”