MALTON’S town centre has been spruced up, thanks to four new evergreen trees.

The town council approved plans to plant four Portuguese laurels in Malton’s market place last October.

The evergreens have been planted outside Malton Relish, Scholefield’s clothing shop, the New Malton pub and the former town hall.

The trees were funded by the council, Malton Community Interest Company, Malton and Norton Rotary Club, and an anonymous donor.

Mike Skehan, the council clerk, said: “Special thanks should go to the late Jason Fitzgerald-Smith, who took this proposal to the town council and was unrelenting in his support for it. It is a great shame that he is not around to see the results of his efforts.”

Mayor of Malton Joan Lawrence said: “On behalf of the town council, I would like to express our gratitude to all who have been involved in and funded this project.”

Paul Prichard, president of Malton and Norton Rotary Club, said: “We were very keen to be part of this project to add further to the attractions of our market place.”

Portuguese laurel is part of the cherry family and is native to southern Europe.

Roddy Bushell, estate manager of the Fitzwilliam Malton Estate, said: “When we suggested this way of enhancing the market place to reflect its growing use as a space where community events take place, we were delighted that the council immediately saw the potential and has made it happen in short order.”