AN event to promote safer activity on the internet is to be held by North Yorkshire Police tomorrow.

The eleventh annual International Safer Internet Day will highlight dangers from bullying, inappropriate sharing of photos and videos, online scams, spreading of malware and viruses and hacking.

A police spokesman said many of the issues were due to poor safety awareness and could result in access codes, passwords, personal details and more being inadvertently shared.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said: “The internet is a key part of the everyday life of children and young people across the country.

“However, they can sometimes put themselves at risk as they are not always aware of the dangers of the information they give out.”

A Facebook question and answer session will be held at

On twitter, short clips with safety messages will be shared through the hashtag #SixSecondSecurity from today.

A new web app – PhoneSecure – will also be launched to offer personalised advice for smartphones and tablets. The app is available from or by picking up a free app card from a local police station.