A FORMER leading investment bank worker has taken a unique approach to getting himself noticed as he searches for a job after being made redundant in his 50’s.

Fifty-six-year-old Mark Hall never anticipated a career change or having to hunt for a job again after a successful career working for JP Morgan, Citigroup and Unilever. But he was made redundant in 2011.

“It was an unwelcome blow and since then I’ve applied for jobs across the board, but I am finding very little joy,” he said.

“You suffer a loss of confidence and a sense of shame.”

Despite having worked in Germany, New York and London managing information security, Mark, who currently lives in York but is moving to the Malton area with his partner, Morag, has found it extremely hard to find work.

In a bid to get himself noticed by potential future employers he approached the Gazette & Herald and wants to give advice to others who may be struggling to find jobs or have been made redundant.

He said: “Finding a job is a full-time occupation. If you believe, ‘I’m on the scrapheap’ that is what will come across at interviews.

“I would advise people to try to stay positive, keep busy and keep a routine as well.”

Despite unemployment in the National Park area being well below the national average rate of 3.6 per cent at 1.3 per cent, the Yorkshire and Humber region’s unemployment rate is at 8.9 per cent, the third highest across the country.

To boost his skill set and CV, Mark has taken up evening adult learning classes such as photography and upholstery, while developing DIY skills helping his partner to refurbish their home.

As a keen photographer he has considered going freelance and has also looked in to restoring old furniture and selling it.