A NORTH Yorkshire MP has renewed her call for her constituency to get faster broadband speeds and “honesty” over how this will be achieved.

Anne McIntosh said the Thirsk and Malton area, which she represents, has the worst coverage of any North Yorkshire constituency because of its rural geography, sparse population and the distance between broadband exchanges and cabinets.

She said the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee which she chairs had recommended that areas with poor broadband speeds should be prioritised, rather than areas which have “already adequate” services, and that parts of the UK which will not get superfast broadband by 2015/16 must be given sufficient warning to make alternative arrangements.

Miss McIntosh said: “Having established that 22 per cent of my constituency will have poor broadband at slow speed, we need a little more honesty in the debate and the chance to establish more of a level playing field in broadband provision across the country.”